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IGU-COG Executive Member Meetings

Augutst 1st,2011

The executive member meeting was held on Augutst 1st,2011 in University of Missouri-St.louis and the members Dr. Dongying Wei, Dr.Lloyd Richardson, Dr.James Wilson and Dr.Wang Min discussed the journal issue etc.
Oct 1st to 3rd,2010 The second IGU-COG Executive members’ meeting in 2010 was held in University of Missouri-st.louis from Oct 1st to 3rd,2010.
8th to 10th, June,2010 IGU-COG Executive Meeting was held from 8th to 10th, June,2010 in Beijing Normal University.Prof.Qin Dahe, Prof.Liu Changming, Mr.Duane Fast, Prorf.Lloyd Richardson, Prof.Wang Min, Dr.Dongying Wei and some partner organization participated in the meeting.
March 1st,2008 The IGU-CoG executive members meeting was held in St.louis,USA and Dr.Wei,Dongying, Prof.Lloyd Richardson, Prof.Wang Min and Prof.Carole Murphy, Prof.James Wilson and Mr.Duane Fast attended the meeting and worked on the 2008-2012 work plan and constitutions and bylaws of IGU-CoG. More...