IGU-CoG History


2004 Prof. José Palacio-Prieto , prof.Liu Changming, Prof.Wang Min and Dr.Wei,Dongying attended the First International Conference on Geopark that was held in Beijing, China from June 27th to 29th,2004 as geographers' presentatives. On the conference, they discussed the establishement of IGU Geopark Task Force.
Ohe 30th International Geographical Congress was held in Glasgow , Scotland, 15th-20th August, 2004,IGU Geopark Task Force was established officially.
2005 From 23rd to 28th October,2005,On the International Workshop on the Development of Geography and IGU Executive members's Meeting that was held in China, Prof. José Palacio-Prieto put forward the further development plan for Geopark Task Force and Dr.Wei,Dongying and Prof.Wang Min presented the development of Geopark Task Force in China.
2006 From 15th to 18th May,2006,Prof.Wang Min,Prof.Carole Murphy and Dr.Wei,Dongying participated in the the 1st International Symposium on Science and Development of Geoparks held in Jiaozuo City of Central Henan Province and Dr.Wei,Dongying representing IGU Geopark Task Force made the presentation: Significance of Interpretation and Environmental Education for the Chinese Geoparks.
2007 June 12-15, 2007,Dr.Wei,Dongying participated in the 2nd International Symposium on the Development within Geoparks: Environmental Protection and Education held in Lushan Geopark in China as the executive member of IGU Geopark Task Force and gave the presentation: Interpretation in Chinese Geoparks.
From 11 th to 14 th October, 2007,as one of the organizers, IGU Geopark Task Force organized the first International Forum on Geoparks: Interpretation and Sustainable Development that was held in Yuntaishan Geopark in China. Six executive committee members of IGU and five executive members of Geopark Task Force attended the forum and the IGU committee decided to initiate IGU-Commission on Geopark instead of Geopark Task Force.
2008 March 1st,2008, the IGU-CoG executive members meeting was held in St.louis,USA and Dr.Wei,Dongying, Prof.Lloyd Richardson, Prof.Wang Min and Prof.Carole Murphy, Prof.James Wilson and Mr.Duane Fast attended the meeting and worked on the 2008-2012 work plan and constitutions and bylaws of IGU-CoG.
From 12th to 15th, August,2008 the Geopark Session and IGU-COG work meeting was held in tunis, Tunisia during the 31st International Geographical Congress and Dr.Wei,Dongying presented the IGU-COG work report and the executive members and participants discussed the future work plan and the problems and solutions.
2009 In observance of the United Nations proclamation of the triennium 2007‐2009 as the International Year of Planet Earth (IYPE), the Young Earth‐Scientist Network, under the patronage of UNESCO, is organizing the First World Congress which is focused on young (under the age of 35) earth scientists, and earth science professionals. As a co-organizer, Commission on Geoparks donated 800RMB to the WASHING ROCK activities.
The 3rd International Geoparks Symposium on "Development within Geoparks: Geoheritage Protection and Cooperation" attracted over 300 participants, and the Annual Meeting of the Global Geoparks Network Bureau(GGNB) of UNESCO held on 22 August 2009.Dr.Dongying Wei was invited as the representative and met with the GGNB members and the official from UNESCO. Dr.Wei expressed the interest to cooperate with UNESCO and GGNB more closely and talked about the future cooperative plan.

The 4th International UNESCO Conference on Geoparks 2010 are held in Langkawi Global Geopark, MALAYSIA and at the same time the Commission steering committee meeting was also held here. Dr.Dongying Wei,Prof.Changming Liu, Mr.Duane Fast, Prof.Nicrous Zuros, Prof.Wolfgang Eder participated the steering committee meeting on April 11th. The work was summarized and planed the recent future work, especially the planery meeting that will be held from 9h to 13th, June,2010 in Beijing and Taining World Geopark.

IGU-COG Executive Meeting was held from 8th to 10th, June,2010 in Beijing Normal University and Dr.Llloy Richardson, Mr.Duane Fast, Dr.Dongying Wei, Prof.Dahe Qin,Prof.Changming Liu, Mr. Yonggang Wang from Ministry of Land and Resources, Mr.Tuojie Luo from UNESCO Geopark Network Office, Mr.Yueping Han from Yuntaishan World Geopark participated in the meeting and the IGU-COG development and cooperation with other organizations were discussed.

The second IGU-COG Executive members’ meeting in 2010 was held in University of Missouri-st.louis, Dr.James Wilson, Dr.Lloyd Richardson, Mr.Duane Fast, Dr.Carole Murphy, Dr.Dongying Wei participated in the meeting and discussed the international forum on Geoparks that will be held in May,2011 and the issue about International Journal of Geparks.